Where can I get Dental Implants in Mission?

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Dental Implants in Mission

Whether used to replace single, several, or multiple teeth along a dental arch, dental implants Mission offer one of the most sophisticated solutions for the replacement of missing teeth. Closely modeled after the anatomy of natural teeth, dental implants are designed to address tooth loss from beneath and above the gum line. Behaving in much the same way as the root of your own tooth, a dental implant consists of a surgical post that is inserted directly into the jawbone, where it integrates with the surrounding bone over time. Once sufficient healing has taken place, a custom dental prosthetic can be securely anchored atop your new dental implant. Since dental implants provide the same stimulation to the jawbone as the roots of your own teeth, they help to retain the natural contours of your facial features thereby preventing that sagged-in look. Because implants fuse directly with the bone, they provide unrivaled stability for a dental prosthetic above. From the placement of custom dental crowns, to permanent fixed bridges and implant-retained dentures, implants come the closest to replicating the performance, feel, and esthetic of natural teeth. And with the proper care, dental implants can provide a permanent restoration for your smile!

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