Where can I find a San Francisco Invisalign Dentist?

Did you know that having a well-aligned bite doesn’t only make for a more attractive smile, but provides a strong foundation for a healthier one? Having straighter teeth makes brushing and flossing easier to perform—each critical in the prevention of gum disease and dental decay. If you’ve been considering the wonderful benefits of straightening your teeth, your San Francisco Invisalign dentist is more than happy to discuss the most suitable orthodontic treatments for you. Offering traditional braces, as well as Invisalign, the virtually invisible method for straightening teeth, Dr. Edward Orson Dental Corporation is an exceptional resource in your area.

San Francisco Invisalign Dentist

Invented by a pair of Stanford University graduates, treatment with Invisalign utilizes the most sophisticated computer imaging technology, for a most convenient and effective alternative to traditional metal braces. Whether your teeth are crooked, crowded, gapped, or otherwise misaligned, your San Francisco Invisalign dentist is here to help. Trading in the goop of traditional impressions for a digital smile analysis, our dentist can model, simulate, and prescribe a personalized course of orthodontic treatment with the utmost mathematical precision. Like other orthodontic treatments, Invisalign straightens your teeth in a successive series of phases. The major difference? Rather than using a fixed orthodontic device, Invisalign comes as a series of removable, clear aligners, each pair designed to nudge your teeth closer and closer to their desired ending positions. Smooth to the touch, and custom-contoured to every rise and ridge of your smile, Invisalign is comfortable to wear, and even allows you to continue to eat the foods you love! Of course, Invisalign is most popular for the discretion it affords. Whether you’re looking to maintain your professional appearance at school or at work, Invisalign is virtually indiscernible to the naked eye!

A healthier, more well-aligned smile is waiting for you! To learn more about what our San Francisco Invisalign dentist can do for your smile, get in touch with Dr. Edward Orson Dental Corporation today. To schedule your consultation, call now!

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