Teeth Whitening in San Francisco

San Francisco Teeth Whitening

Could your teeth use a little pick-me-up? Teeth whitening in San Francisco is an excellent and easy way to dramatically enhance your smile. Whether you’ve got a class reunion, wedding or any other special occasion (especially with a photo op!) whitening your teeth can make you look great for that big day. And the effects can be long-lasting with adequate maintenance care. If you’re thinking about whitening your teeth, think first of having your teeth-whitening treatment done by the professionals at Edward Orson Dental Corp.


Teeth Whitening in San Francisco

Like most materials, the enamel of your teeth can become stained with repeated exposure to foods and drinks rich in pigments and sugar. Tobacco is another culprit. But just because eating and drinking is an everyday necessity in life, the staining and yellowing of your teeth doesn’t necessarily have to be. With the help of the specialists at Edward Orson Dental Corp, getting teeth whitening in San Francisco can be a quick treatment with dramatic results. In-office whitening procedures are much faster than over the counter treatment options, and offer spectacular results. And because your dentist will be administering the treatment, matching the shade to existing prostheses and achieving the maximal results possible for are things you won’t need to worry about.

Typically, your dentist will recommend a professional cleaning of your teeth prior to whitening to remove any superficial stains first. After that, you can be smiling lighter and brighter in as little as one hour. So, take the first step to a fresher, reinvigorated smile; come to Edward Orson Dental Corp to discuss teeth whitening in San Francisco. Open all week except for Tuesday and Sunday, scheduling a convenient time to discuss your treatment is easy and convenient. And if your teeth are yellowed or stained from certain medications, genetics or other reasons, they offer a variety of alternative cosmetic options for rejuvenating your smile. Visit their website or call to make an appointment today.


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