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Dental Office in Noe Valley

Noe Valley Dental Office

When it comes to sustaining your oral health, finding a dental office in Noe Valley that provides a comprehensive range of dental services with an established reputation for excellence is essential. At Edward Orson Dental Corp, their experienced dentists have been providing expert dental care to the Mission district and surrounding communities for over 22 years. Offering the state of the art in preventive, restorative, orthodontic and emergency treatments, they warmly welcome new patients of all ages to their San Francisco office.

Dental Office in San Francisco

The experts at your dental office in San Francisco know all about gum disease and how much damage it can do if left untreated—do you? When the bacteria in plaque isn’t effectively removed from the mouth, via brushing, flossing, and regular teeth cleanings form your dentist, some will burrow down into the pockets of the gums and harden into a rock-like substance known as tartar. One of the early stages of gum disease, the prevalence of tartar and bacteria in the gums can cause them to become swollen, sore, and even bleed. Many patients also find that bad breath, despite their best efforts, becomes a persistent issue. When bacteria in the gums spreads, if left untreated, it can result in significant loss of gum and bone tissue, and worst of all, loss of teeth. In fact, gum disease is the single leading cause of tooth loss in US adults today. Thankfully, your dental office in San Francisco provides periodontal treatments for gum disease. Carefully removing bacteria from the gums with a highly skillful and gentle touch, the experts at Edward Orson Dental Corp are helping many patients to reestablish and maintain their oral health.

If you haven’t been to visit your dental office in San Francisco in a while, or are experiencing soreness in your gums, call the oral health professionals at Edward Orson Dental Corp to schedule an appointment. Providing state of the art preventive and periodontal care for their patients, they’re dedicated to getting your oral health on the right track.


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