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Mission Clear Braces

When it comes to finding quality dental care for you and your loved ones, you can depend on Dr. Edward Orson Dental Corporation. Our practice offers a sweeping range of dental services to address the needs of patients of all ages. From the essentials in preventive and emergency dental care, to the most advanced restorative, orthodontic, and cosmetic treatment options, we offer the most dental solutions available to our patients. If you have been considering orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance and function of your smile, we offer a fabulous range of state-of-the-art options, including Invisalign®[1] Mission clear braces.

Mission Clear Braces

With Mission clear braces, a series of custom-designed plastic aligners can be used to align your bite with the utmost discretion. Following a three-dimensional digital scan of your smile, the alignment of your bite can be carefully analyzed using advanced computer software. By utilizing a digital 3D model of your bite, a precise course of orthodontic treatment is prescribed. Orthodontic treatment is a process which operates in successive phases. By applying gentle and controlled forces to the teeth, they are incrementally moved into their correct positions over time. Whereas traditional metal braces are tightened or adjusted periodically by your orthodontist, each treatment stage with Invisalign consists of a new set of aligners which can easily be removed and replaced as you progress through your treatment. Completely smooth to the touch and offering the height of comfort when it comes to orthodontic treatment, it’s no wonder why Invisalign has soared in popularity over recent years!

If you have been considering the benefits of a more harmonious and well-aligned smile, we invite you to come and discuss your best options at our office. To learn more about out Mission clear braces with Invisalign, and our modern low-profile metal braces, contact our friendly staff today!

[1] Invisalign is a registered trademark of Align Technology, Inc.

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