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94110 Braces

Where can I get 94110 braces?

Sometimes teeth need a little nudge in the right direction. At Edward Orson Dental Corporation, the foremost options for straightening your teeth are all available. Whether you are considering traditional San Francisco, CA 94110 braces, or the discrete orthodontic treatment of Invisalign, Dr. Orson is more than happy to evaluate your eligibility with the latest diagnostic technology and techniques. With over 20 years of experience serving the Mission District, Mission District, and greater San Francisco area, Dr. Orson welcomes patients of all ages to his practice to receive the highest quality dental healthcare.

94110 Braces

Since the advent of traditional San Francisco, CA 94110 braces, recent breakthroughs in technology have ushered forth a new generation in orthodontic treatment. The real story behind Invisalign chronicles the lives of two Stanford University graduates, both students of business. Upon completing his orthodontic treatment with traditional braces in school, co-creator Zia Chishti neglected to wear his retainer on several occasions. What did he observe?  Very gradually, his teeth were moving back to their previous positions. In a brilliant eureka moment, together with the help of his former classmate, Kelsey Wirth, they developed a highly sophisticated computer program to analyze, model, and prescribe an exact course of orthodontic treatment, solely through the use of retainer-like aligners! When your dentist evaluates you for Invisalign, this ingenious technology is put to the task, assisting your dentist in developing a customized orthodontic treatment to correct your bite. Invisalign aligners are prescribed as a series of removable retainers, worn in successive phases; they gradually move your teeth closer and closer to their desired positions with each step.

Serendipitous? Perhaps! However, the result has been a winning solution for smiles across the nation and around the world. If you are considering orthodontic treatment with San Francisco, CA 94110 braces or Invisalign, contact Edward Orson Dental Corporation for an evaluation today!


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