Mission District Emergency Dentist

Where can I find a Mission District emergency dentist?

If you are experiencing oral pain, your Mission District emergency dentist is here to help you when you need it most. At the practice of the Edward Orson Dental Corporation, the skilled, caring dental professionals are well versed in the full scope of general, family, preventive, restorative, cosmetic and emergency dental services. Your smile will be in the very best of hands at the Mission District dental office dedicated to being current with the leading edge in diagnostic and treatment technology, techniques, and research. Whether you are suffering from jaw pain, a toothache, or have damaged a filling, crown or denture, Dr. Orson provides the gentle, compassionate, and prompt treatment you deserve and require.

Mission District Emergency Dentist

Statistically speaking, cavities are most commonly responsible for a toothache. If you have a cavity, your Mission District emergency dentist is fully equipped to provide you with the highest quality treatment and restoration to preserve your tooth. Because a cavity—as the name implies—leaves a shallow hole in your tooth, following treatment, a restorative filling or dental crown is placed, repairing the structure of the tooth, fortifying it for eating, speaking and smiling! The highest quality dental restorations are built to last and provide a conservative, and aesthetically appealing solution. As it happens, if damage to a restoration has brought you to your Mission District emergency dentist, have no worries, as your dentist is prepared to repair and replace as needed! Fillings and crowns can become loosened in an accident, or as the result of dental decay over time. If a tooth’s or teeth’s restoration has loosened, been damaged or been lost, it is important that you see your dentist as soon as possible. Any exposed opening between the restoration and the tooth can provide an entry point for harmful bacteria, making your tooth vulnerable to an infection. However, even if such an infection should occur, once again—you guessed it!—your Mission District emergency dentist is fully prepared to help!

Whatever the nature of your dental problem or discomfort, at Edward Orson Dental Corporation, your Mission District emergency dentist is ready to take action. To schedule the prompt and gentle care you deserve, please don’t hesitate to call our office at the number below!


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