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Same Day Dentist in Mission District

Mission District Same Day Dentist

When dental decay, root canals or the effects of clenching or grinding your jaws cause extensive damage to the structure of your teeth, it’s time to call for reinforcements! At Edward Orson Dental Corp, their highly skilled dentists provide some of the most sophisticated restorative options available for repairing and strengthening your damaged teeth. When it comes to restorations for your teeth, your same day dentist in Mission District can fabricate custom dental crowns in just a single visit! It’s true, with their brand new Planmeca E4D technology, custom crowns can be milled immediately in your dentist’s office.

Same Day Dentist in San Francisco

If given the choice, most of us would probably prefer to make our treatment at the dentist’s office as simple and quick as possible. A Planmeca E4D single visit crown is artfully customized to the shade, shape and proportions of your natural teeth, your same day dentist in San Francisco uses leading edge 3-dimensional modeling software, to assess your bite and design your ideal restoration. Then the real action happens. With the push of a button, your custom Planmeca E4D crown is milled of a high quality dental grade ceramic block right there in the office, eliminating the need for temporary caps, and waiting for fabrication in a dental lab (not to mention shipping), your same day dentist in Mission District lives up to the title!

Providing the utmost in convenience and quality, Edward Orson Dental Corp brings together the latest advancements in technology with the level of diligence and technical skill that you deserve. If you’re in need of a crown, then you’ll want to visit your same day dentist in Mission District. To make an appointment in their Mission district office, call the number below to speak with their friendly staff.


2480 Mission St #330
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 683-7774