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Noe Valley Laser Dentist

Where can I find a Noe Valley laser dentist?

Developments in dental technology have a long lineage and continue to evolve as we enter the twenty-first century. Dental lasers are one of the latest advances to take modern dental practice by storm, making a wide range of procedures less invasive than ever before. Laser technology is increasingly used to provide conservative treatment for gum disease, tooth decay, oral lesions, and even to assist in activating professional in-office whitening treatment. They are also used in conjunction with a range of other dental instruments for various procedures, making the dental laser a truly versatile tool in dental care. When it comes to the state-of-the-art in dental technology and technique, Edward Orson Dental Corporation is an exceptional resource. As your Noe Valley laser dentist, Dr. Orson has been known to light up a smile or two and welcomes the opportunity to provide you with the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

San Francisco Laser Dentist

Since its inception in the early nineties, the dental laser has raised the bar when it comes to precision in dentistry. When a dental laser is used for the treatment of cavities or gum disease, it conserves a maximal amount of healthy tissue. With advanced periodontal treatment or the removal of oral lesions, dental lasers are an excellent tool because they cauterize as they make incisions, minimizing any swelling or bleeding, while making recovery time far shorter than employing traditional surgical techniques. Patients with dental anxiety or phobia often prefer the option of dental treatment with a laser, as they are silent, eliminate pressure, vibrations, and heat that can be produced by other, traditional instruments. In fact, countless patients have reported that laser treatments at their skilled, experienced Noe Valley laser dentist are far more comfortable than traditional techniques.

Your Noe Valley laser dentist would like to make your visit to his dental office as comfortable and effective as possible. Allow Edward Orson Dental Corporation to help you continue smiling in good health with laser dentistry in the San Francisco area. Please call our office today to arrange a consultation or schedule an appointment.


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