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Dentist in Mission

When it comes to communicating without saying a word, your smile is king. At Dr. Edward Orson Dental Corp, your dentist in Mission offers a fabulous selection of restorative and cosmetic options for your smile. From the highest quality tooth colored fillings, dental bridges and veneers, to the latest in dental implants and custom crowns, we’ve got something for everyone to smile about! If you’re in need of restorative or cosmetic dental services for your smile, we invite you to come and experienced the warmth, compassion, and dedication to excellence that distinguishes our practice. Making a comprehensive range of advanced dental services available to patients of all ages, at Dr. Edward Orson Dental Corp, we’re your single-stop resource for the highest quality emergency, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments for your smile.

dentist in Mission

Oftentimes, even the most routine dental procedures involve the need for restoration following treatment. At Dr. Edward Orson Dental Corp, your dentist in Mission is highly experienced in both the treatment and restoration of your smile. Whether you have a tooth that has been treated for infection, injury, or dental decay, a filling or dental crown will need to be placed to restore the performance and appearance of the tooth. Our dental crowns are fabricated with the highest dental grade materials, completely customized to the shade, shape, and proportions of your smile. With a comprehensive knowledge of restorative science, dental and facial esthetics, our dentist can produce a dental crown for your smile, truly fit for a king—or queen! Set securely in place atop your treated tooth, dental crowns do a wonderful job in restoring the structural integrity of a tooth following treatment, so you can eat, speak, and smile just like before.

From the restoration of your oral health, to the restoration of your beautiful smile, your dentist in Mission is here to address your comprehensive oral healthcare needs. Whether you’re in need of treatment for an aching tooth, or cosmetic services for your smile, plan on scheduling your next visit to Dr. Edward Orson Dental Corp today!

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